The Client: SPLICE Software

SPLICE Software, a SaaS technology firm, delivers real human voice messaging through Phone, SMS, and Digital Assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Company has expanded into new market segments over the past several years, broadening from a mostly-Retail focus to add Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, and Hospitality clients. This has resulted in a change in client targeting methods, including exhibiting opportunities at a number of “new-to-them” industry-specific conferences and events.

The Challenge: Leveraging the Pre-Show Attendee List to Drive Booth Traffic

To make these conferences viable, the Client segments the event-provided pre-attendee lists into tiers, with customized offers for each tier. A C-level executive may be invited to a nice dinner, a VP might be offered a free Echo Dot in exchange for a pre-scheduled meeting. An operational employee might be offered one of the high-value ($15) promotional items that are hidden behind the booth podium, held specifically for those who bring the letter with them to the booth. Since lists can be provided mere days before the conference, most competing firms just blast out emails to all attendees with no segmentation considered, resulting in email overload for attendees. SPLICE wanted to stand out, targeting the offers and delivering them via hard copy direct mail. Unfortunately, a standard printing house would charge too much for the printing and mailing of a glossy flier, while printing and mailing them in-office themselves wasn’t viable from a manpower standpoint, especially since—being a Canadian firm—there would be even longer lead times than normal to arrive as the letters would need to cross the border.

The Solution: MailXstream’s 2-Sided, Full Color Letter

MailXstream’s print-to-mail solution appeared to be an ideal solution for SPLICE. MailXstream provided a Master Services Agreement immediately after confirming SPLICE’s needs. An account was created and users were fully trained and had approved templates by the time the initial deposit was received. Attendee lists arrived to SPLICE on Monday and with list sorting, tiering, and mail merging, 225 PDFd letters were uploaded to MailXstream by EOD on Tuesday. SPLICE reported letters arriving to prospects as early as Thursday morning.

The Benefits: Faster Delivery, Reduced Costs, Great Marketing Response

SPLICE reported that within two days, the mailed letters coupled with the sales team’s follow-up calls had secured 8 Dinner RSVPs and 9 prospect meetings by EOD Friday, for a conference that was to begin just 2 days later. In addition, 4 people brought their letters with them to the booth to learn more and ask for their higher-end giveaway. From those 21 letter-driven leads, SPLICE generated 12 follow-up calls, 6MQLs, and 3 deals that were just beginning to close as of this case study being developed.

VP of Marketing Darin Reffitt said,

“The MailXstream product is a perfect tool for maximizing the ROI of conferences and events. Due to the speed to market with the letters, I can spend the extra time needed to identify my targets, sending less mail but getting greater results. The presentation of the letter obviously got it opened, and my message stood out compared to the hundreds of emails that my fellow vendors were sending. They were net fishing while I’d found a tool that enables me to do targeted spearfishing and work just a little smarter.”

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