Whether you’re sending documents that legally require confirmation of delivery, want the importance of your letter to stand out to the recipient, or just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing certain communications have a signature of receipt on file, MailXstream has you covered with our trackable delivery options.

Send USPS Certified Mail® from your Computer Desktop

MailXstream’s online print-to-mail service lets you process any size print job for routine or business-critical communications, using your existing format or layout. And, with our trackable delivery options you’re now in control of ensuring your mission-critical documents have arrived where and when you need them.

Any document you send with MailXStream can be sent via USPS Certified Mail. There is no special setup or formatting required, MailXstream can even extract the delivery address from your document to use in the Certified Mail process.

In addition, you can request a Return Receipt Electronic. This is the electronic equivalent of the USPS “green” card which contains the actual signature of the person accepting the Certified Mail piece.

Why use Certified Mail Delivery?

  • Provides a proof of mailing record for regulatory and legal compliance.
  • Provides a verifiable proof of delivery or attempted delivery.
  • Provides detailed tracking information to show you where your documents are and when your documents were delivered.
  • Can be delivered to a USPS P.O. Box.
  • Makes your mail piece stand out against all of a recipients other mail.

Record Retention

MailXstream provides the USPS tracking numbers and access to the USPS tracking information for the duration of your order retention – 90 days. The USPS maintains the same tracking information for 10 years.

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