Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and partnering are two distinct avenues which a company may traverse in acquiring complimenting services. MailXstream provides both. Through strategic relationships, referral programs, integration, and stand alone development, MailXstream has grown into a recognized leader in online traditional print-to-mail services. Our complementary print-to-mail services are becoming the preferred choice of software integrator’s and third party service providers alike. Through collaboration and expertise, we strive to be more than just a BPO provider and more of an extension of your brand and service. Fundamentally, our partnerships are based upon the following principals:

  • Share the Big Picture – we strive to understand your vision, your sourcing methodology and work in collaboration to achieve your objectives.
  • Develop Broad Relationships– we will devote time in getting to know your organization and how our services compliment your offering.

At MailXstream, we recognize and understand that partnerships come in many shapes and sizes and that each have their own distinct advantages. Our partnership portfolio has developed along three types of engagements:

  • White Label standalone offering for large volume print-to-mail providers which offers an opportunity to capture smaller routine daily and monthly volumes. These opportunities / applications are typically overlooked due to the complexities of setting the application up and the relatively long return on investment.
  • Black Label product/service Integration where you maintain the customer relationship and resell MailXstream services as part of your offering.
  • Grey Label product/service integration where MailXstream manages the print-to-mail relationship on a referral basis and you submit print-to-mail jobs on your customer’s behave.
    Partnering with MailXstream increases value by extending the reach of your offering to a proven and compatible BPO solution offering tangible customer benefits.

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