MailXstream is a premier printing and mailing company that offers a simple and easy way to implement solutions for companies who want to eliminate the every day hassle associated with routine document printing and mailing. MailXstream is a turnkey solution designed to handle virtually any type of document. Whether it’s a single page invoice or a multiple page statement, MailXstream offers you these benefits and features:



From using MailXstream’s Windows or MacOS print driver to uploading documents through the MailXstream website, our print and mail outsourcing simplifies the process and makes it easier to use. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have an account that’s ready to send mail! The entire process, from signing up to using our service, can usually be done in just one business day.


Cost Effective

MailXstream provide economies of scale even for small jobs. MailXstream’s print and send mail service provides you with a low all-in price. Envelope, printing, inserting and postage all included with volume and postage discounts.



Submit your order before our 9:00PM Eastern cut-off and we’ll have it in the mail by close of business the next business day.



All orders and mail pieces are tracked in real-time from submission until delivery to the USPS. MailXstream only uses automated and intelligent inserters. There is no need to change your documents for address positioning, barcodes, sequence numbers, etc. We accommodate these things without changing your layout.



MailXstream uses HTTPS transmission protocols, tier-1 data centers and state-of-the art production facilities that meet all security standards for handling and production of medical and financial documents.


No Commitments

MailXstream has no order minimums or long term commitments. From a single piece to 1,000’s, MailXstream is capable of adapting to your ever-changing needs with no prior notice.



MailXstream provides you with 24/7 access to detailed reporting, order activity, and a 90-day archive of the documents you’ve mailed.

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MailXstream accepts your print ready PDF files as-is. There is no need for you to make any changes or generate raw data. You maintain complete control of your document composition! MailXstream supports full color and black/white printing, multiple envelope sizes including #10, 6×9″, 9×12″ and Flat Rate Priority Mail upt o 1500 sheets not to mention house-holding (multiple pieces going to the same address) and “soft” inserts (a newsletter or marketing sheet produced in-line with your document). MailXstream also offers document suppression, error detection, and delivery filters for documents tagged as “Special Handling”.



MailXstream’s web based API can easily be integrated in any platform or process making the print and mail process fully automated.

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