Small and mid-sized insurance companies are in a continuous tug-of-war, between achieving growth–acquiring and retaining more customers–and controlling costs–only investing in tools and technologies that deliver a measurable return.

Such striving is why insurance companies turn to MailXstream’s online print-to-mail service. It’s one of those rare business-process solutions that helps them do both: effectively supporting CRM through personalization, while equipping the whole agency to be more profitable and productive.

From Desktop to Delivery in One Business Day

MailXstream is an online print-to-mail service that lets agents and brokers use existing business processes to create, print and mail insureds’ account documents and correspondence right from a desktop or laptop computer–all in the format or layout your company currently uses. Most print jobs can be processed and delivered to the USPS in a single business day.

Stay on top of account service and management with prompt, accurate processing of essential insured documents such as:

  • Insureds’ bills and statements
  • Renewal declarations
  • Notices of reinstatement
  • Explanation of benefits (EOBs)
  • Lender placed insurance Letters
  • Notices of collateral protection

Use It for CRM

Mailxstream also shines as a Customer Relationship Management tool, effectively handling pre-composed, system-generated letters and notices, as well as personalized ad-hoc correspondence that agents write and upload themselves, including:

  • Welcome and Thank-You letters–make new customers feel special by welcoming them to your organization and showing appreciation for their business.
  • Advisory Documents–deepen customer connections and help keep them “sticky” by informing them of changes in your business, such as a new address or contact information, a new website URL, and staff updates or announcements.
  • Follow-up/reminder letters–these powerful communications demonstrate your attentiveness, while helping customers feel cared for, while enhancing the insured/insurer relationship

Your Documents, Your Way

MailXstream puts users in complete control of document composition, because we accept your print files exactly as they are. With multiple options for document transmission, MailXstream makes automating document workflow simple, easy and affordable. It’s like having a state-of-the-art production facility right at employees’ fingertips.

Eliminates Manual Printing and Stuffing

Using your existing business process, MailXstream eliminates the hassle and reduces the cost of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing insured documents in-house.

After following a simple set-up procedure, documents generated on your users’ computers can be uploaded in just minutes, and produced, stamped and delivered to the post office the next business day. No more stamping, metering or inventory management.

In-house technical staff will appreciate MailXstream, too, because its compatibility extends to most PDF and Postscript files generated on popular computing platforms–such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

How Sales and Service Teams Benefit

Increased productivity: MailXstream online print-to-mail service eliminates the need for printing, stuffing, and mailing of insurance documents in-house. This gives agents more time for marketing and prospecting, servicing customers and other business-building activities. With multiple options for document transmission, MailXstream also makes automating document workflow quick, simple and easy.

Cost efficiency: MailXstream provides insurance professionals with a low, all-in-one price that includes: envelopes, printing, inserting and postage, resulting in economies of scale, postal discounts and more.

Ease of use: MailXstream’s friendly interface and seamless operation enable agents and brokers to quickly print and mail insurance documents and policyholder communications. MailXstream accepts your print files exactly as they are, giving users complete control over how documents are composed.

Custom Educational or Promotional Inserts

Reducing costs and ensuring dependable, next-business-day delivery are just two ways MailXstream helps companies grow business and operate more efficiently. Enhancing customer communications–such as including branded educational or promotional inserts with customer account documents–is another.

Simply create your insert as an 8½ x 11 page, save it as a PDF file and upload it. MailXstream will the merge the insert in with your other documents, instantly eliminating concerns about compatibility, pre-printing, shipping and storage.

A True Differentiator

MailXstream printed inserts can help position your business or agency as an industry innovator, by including, with your mailings, supplemental materials that:

Alert insureds to account or regulatory changes that affect them
Educate and inform customers about the advantages your business provides
Promote special offers to strengthen customer relationships and encourage repeat business
Cross-sell or upsell products customers need but may not have, such as boat, auto or motorcycle coverage, life insurance, or a homeowners’ policy
Identify tools or technologies you use that add value to the customer experience

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