Our Affordable Outsource Printing and Mailing

Is MailXStream affordable? At MailXstream, we are asked this question often. The answer is YES! We can produce a single page, black/white document with envelope, including postage, starting at less than $0.83. MailXstream’s outsource printing and mailing is typically up to 25% percent cheaper than our nearest competitor. Consider discounts based on volume, and MailXstream becomes the logical solution for companies who are searching for an outsource partner.

More Than a Piece of Mail

At MailXstream, we’d like to understand what type of documents you are mailing and how you are currently mailing them. This allows us to understand your company and your process, determine how we fit into your supply chain, and how we can best assist you. We know that selecting the right partner is important and that a business relationship is built on trust. At MailXstream, we believe that every piece of mail is just as important as any other. We view each time you use our service as an opportunity to build our relationship with you.

MailXstream vs. In-house

When considering the cost of in-house print-to-mail production, companies often overlook the entire cost of producing a single mail piece. Beyond toner, paper and envelopes, in-house production ties up and consumes valuable manpower resources. In addition, hidden costs such as electricity, air conditioning, printer maintenance, depreciation, replacement costs, and furniture are often overlooked. MailXstream folds all this into an affordable alternative, offering the following benefits over in-house operations:

  • Increased Efficiency. With MailXstream, your employees can concentrate on their core competencies, positively affecting your own company’s productivity.
  • Bigger Is Better. Mailxstream uses commercial high-speed digital printers and intelligent inserters, offering you improved workflow, better quality and reduced costs.
  • Print and Mail Services Online. MailXstream is available 24/7, offers greater flexibility, allows you to submit documents remotely, and offers you online reporting.
  • No Hassle. From submission to USPS delivery, MailXstream manages the entire process.
  • One Piece, One Price, Better Budgeting. MailXstream is designed to handle volumes as low as one piece at an all-inclusive price with no hidden fees, making budgeting a snap.

MailXstream Complements Your Process

We understand that outsource printing and mailing and selecting a new partner are stressful, that’s why we offer these standard features and benefits:

  • No Changes Necessary. MailXstream accepts your print ready PDF files as-is. There is no need for you to make any changes or generate raw data for us to work with. You maintain complete control of your document composition!
  • A Turnkey Solution. MailXstream is designed to handle any type of document with limited to no changes. Whether it’s a single page statement or a multiple page communication, we can have you up and running in less than a day.
  • Next Day Turnaround… If you have your documents submitted before our 9:00PM Eastern cut-off, we’ll have them in the mail by close of business the next business day.
  • Increased Security. MailXstream uses HTTPS transmission protocols, the same protocol used by the credit card industry, tier-1 data, and production facilities that meet all security standards for data intensive critical print and mail production.
  • Print and Mail Services Online Reporting, Tracking and an Archive at Your Fingertips. MailXstream provides you with 24/7 access to detailed reporting, order activity and a 90-day archive of the documents you’ve mailed.

In addition, there are no maintenance, support, or license fees and using MailXstream can be as simple as selecting the MailXstream print driver.

What Our Clients Say