Working remotely can be challenging at the best of times. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more difficult—especially if you or your staff sends USPS mail on a routine, or even occasional, basis. If USPS mail is critical to your business continuity, you need a way to send physical mail without endangering staff by leaving the house to mail it.

Also, most employees do not have the equipment and supplies to efficiently print, stuff, and mail from home, increasing the complexity of the issue and adding unnecessary strain on your team in an already stressful time.

MailXstream has the solution.

Our Windows and MacOS print drivers allow you to “print” mail directly to our mailing facilities from the application(s) on your desktop or laptop computer. You can send a single letter, a package with multiple attachments, or—with just a little setup—your monthly invoices or statements in their entirety.

Best of all, there is no long, involved setup process or long-term commitment required; just contact us, sign up, install the print driver, and you can be sending mail from your computer the very same day. You can install the print driver on as many computers as you wish, so all of your employees can send mail from the same account.

Whether you’re in insurance, financial, distribution, healthcare, or any other service-related industries where communications are important, we’re positive that MailXstream can streamline your remote print and mail process. We have expertise in handling:

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Notices
  • Letters

Basically, anything you can print, we can mail.

Visit our Our Approach pages to learn more about how MailXstream works and how we can support your remote print and mail. Submit a Contact Form and a representative will contact you to explain in more detail how we can support your operations.

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