Business-critical communications such as invoices, statements, and overdue notices are an integral part of managing your revenue cycle. Studies have shown that the timely delivery of professional-looking documents decreases DSO and improves cash flow.

However, as vital as these documents are, the time and costs associated with processing and delivering them can place an undue burden on companies that are lacking staff or resources.

That’s where MailXstream’s services come in.

Reduce Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) with Streamlined Processes

Using your existing business process, MailXstream eliminates the hassle and reduces the cost of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing your business-critical communications. After following a simple set-up procedure, documents generated on your desktop can be uploaded in just minutes, and be produced, and delivered to the post office the next business day.

No Changes Necessary

MailXstream’s online print-to-mail service lets you process any size print job for routine or business-critical communications, using your existing format or layout. You’re in complete control of document composition because we accept your print files exactly as they are. With multiple options for document transmission, MailXstream makes automating your workflow simple and easy.

MailXstream’s compatibility extends to most PDF and postscript files generated on popular computing platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix.

The Choice of Third-Party Billers

The relationship between third-party billing services and their customers is built on trust – trust that invoices will not only be accurate and professional looking, but that they will be delivered on time. Slow billing means a slow remittance cycle, which negatively affects cash flow and daily sales outstanding – something most billing service customers would find unacceptable. Because of its speed, flexibility and ease of use, MailXstream has become a favorite account management tool of third-party billers.

MailXstream enables third-party services to automate their workflow, often within one or two days, to print client invoices, statements, on-demand letters and notices quickly and accurately — even at high print volumes.

Perfect for Managing Your Revenue Cycle

Whether you’re a small business owner with limited infrastructure or a Fortune 500 Company, MailXstream is designed to help you maintain and manage your revenue cycle. MailXstream eliminates the time and tedium of manually printing and stuffing envelopes, making it ideal for any company that wants to save time and reduce costs. You can prepare any business critical communications including:

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Overdue Notices
  • Advisory Documents
  • Collection Notices
  • Termination Notices

What Our Clients Say