Producing and mailing customer communications is an essential component of the business process. Whether you are producing invoices, statements, notices our routine daily correspondence, the tedium associated with printing, stuffing and mailing these documents can be time consuming. For IT professionals, software providers and businesses alike, integration of third party providers of non-core services or Business Process Integration (BPI) often allows for the automation of management, operational and supporting processes. This gives the integrator an edge over their competitors as they spend less time concerned with non-core components and more time and energy driving new business.

Whether you are automating an existing legacy systems or in the process of developing a new framework, print-to-mail is usually the last feature considered.

That’s where MailXstream comes in.

MailXstream is an outsourcing alternative for traditional print-to-mail fulfillment, designed on the premise of business process integration. MailXstream integrates both inside and outside the existing enterprise framework, offering a coherent integrated print-to-mail infrastructure that can then be shared by mission-critical applications such as CRM, billing and invoicing, executive information portals, reporting systems and automated supply chain systems.

MailXstream Breaks Barriers

Previously, third-party outsourced print-to-mail production was only available to large enterprise companies who had attractive volumes or those that could afford it. For many businesses and developers who depend on traditional print-to-mail, automation or integration was viewed as expensive or time consuming with little to no impact. MailXstream, designed for businesses mailing 1 mail piece or 1000’s, eliminates barriers by providing seamless transmission to MailXstream’s production facilities.

  • Integration. For developers or IT professionals creating point-to-point integrations between applications and services can be complicated without the proper tools. MailXstream’s API eliminates the barriers associated with transmission and production of customer critical communications. Designed to be integrated into the back-end of your process, MailXstream offers a secure, seamless and scalable solution for traditional print-to-mail production.
  • Automation. Business process automation often strives to improve efficiencies and align the needs of customers with company objectives. Moreover, workflow automation promotes efficient interactions between data models and process models. MailXstream works towards improving efficiency across the business model by helping companies streamline their print-to-mail production without interrupting their workflow. MailXstream also provides critical governance and operations processes to synchronize and automate your print-to-mail production ensuring company standards.

Multiple Options / Efficient Design

From the user who wants to use MailXstream as a local printer to the user who wants to integrate MailXstream into their software platform, we have a solution for you. MailXstream has been designed for simplification and ease of use and offers multiple document submission options.

  • Print Driver. This option allows you to use MailXstream just like you would use a local printer. Run your application (accounting, word processor, etc) as usual and when you are ready to print, select the MailXstream printer. Your documents are transmitted to our production facility where they are verified, printed, inserted and mailed without any additional action on your part. The Print Driver option is available for Windows and Apple OS X systems.
  • Web Upload. If your documents are already in PDF form or if you need to submit multiple individual PDFs, the Web Upload is an available option. Simply login to the MailXstream site, create a new order, select your order template, select your document file on your local desktop, and click submit. Again, your documents are transmitted to our production facility where they are verified, printed, inserted and mailed without any additional action on your part. MailXstream offers numerous options to fit your unique operational needs.
  • Simple Automation. If you submit similar Web Upload orders on a recurring basis, MailXstream provides a number of tools to allow you build simple scripts that can automate the submission process.

What Our Clients Say