Whether triggered by an annual event, an overdraft balance or inquiry, routine daily correspondence is an essential part of customer relationships. Attracting and maintaining satisfied customers is paramount to a successful business. At MailXstream, we understand that customer correspondence can be both routine and on-demand in nature, and that producing this correspondence often places an undue burden on an already stretched staff.

That’s where MailXstream’s online print-to-mail services come in.

Getting Started is Simple

Using your existing business process, MailXstream eliminates the hassle of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing your customer correspondence in-house.

After following a simple set-up procedure, documents generated on your desktop can be uploaded in just minutes, and be produced, stamped and delivered to the post office the next business day.

Your Documents, Your Way

MailXstream’s online print-to-mail service lets you process any size print job for your routine customer correspondence using your existing format or layout. You’re in complete control of document composition because we accept your print files exactly as they are. With multiple options for document transmission, MailXstream makes automating your workflow simple and easy.

MailXstream’s compatibility extends to most PDF and postscript files generated on popular computing platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

Manage Your Day-to-Day Correspondence

Whether you’re a small business owner with limited infrastructure or a Fortune 500 Company, MailXstream is designed to assist you in managing your customer relationship. MailXstream eliminates the time and tedium of manually printing and stuffing envelopes, making it ideal for any size company that wants to save time and reduce costs. You can prepare and print any of the following types of daily correspondence:

  • Welcome Letters
  • Notices
  • Newsletters
  • Advice Letters
  • Inquiry Responses

What Our Clients Say