The Print and Mail Outsourcing Solution

What is MailXStream? MailXstream is a print and mail outsourcing solution for conventional USPS critical communication production and mailing. The creators of MailXstream have leveraged an intimate and in-depth understanding of traditional print and mail processes in building a streamlined state-of-the-art solution. We’ve incorporated the hands-on feel of an in-house operation with the production efficiency often afforded by large scale mailers into the MailXstream process. Following a simple setup, MailXstream eliminates the need for in-house printing, stuffing, and mailing processes. The end result: convenient print-to-mail service for businesses, capable of handling a single piece or thousands of pieces of mail on a reoccurring or on-demand basis.

Whether you’re in insurance, financial, distribution, healthcare, or any other service related industries where communications are important, we’re positive that MailXstream can streamline your production process. We have expertise in handling:

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Notices
  • Letters

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Outsourcing, is it for you?

Print and mail outsourcing is perhaps one of the biggest decisions any company will undertake. While making the decision to outsource, you should determine if you are looking for a service to augment your existing workflow or change it entirely. MailXstream is designed to augment your workflow, and with MailXstream, you have an outsourcing solution that requires no significant changes on your part. Consider the following:

MailXstream vs. In-house

  • Increased Efficiency. With MailXstream, your employees concentrate on their core competencies, which in turn has a positive effect on the whole organization.
  • Bigger Is Better. Mailxstream uses commercial high-speed digital printers and intelligent inserters, offering you improved workflow, better quality and reduced costs.
  • Print and Mail On-demand. MailXstream is available 24/7, offers greater flexibility, allows you to submit documents remotely, and offers you online reporting.
  • No Hassles. From submission to USPS delivery, MailXstream manages the entire process.
  • One Piece, One Price, Better Budgeting. MailXstream is designed to handle volumes as low as one piece and offers an all-inclusive price with no hidden fees, making budgeting a snap.

MailXstream vs. Traditional Outsourcing Services

  • Print it the Way You Like It. In many cases, outsourcing to printing companies require you to submit your data to the printer, which they in turn will print in a predetermined format. MailXstream uses your format and your layout so that customers see what you want them to. Using your format also eliminates the possibility for errors.
  • Make Text and Graphical Changes without Hassle. The trial and error process with the printing facility uses valuable time and resources, especially if you decide to make changes to document text and graphics between printing cycles. MailXstream services are unaffected by such changes. No additional coordination or test runs are required.
  • Save Time and Money. Implementing the use of MailXstream’s print-to-mail services for your business requires very little time for coordination and setup, and is generally cheaper than using an outsourced printing solution. Small businesses in particular experience cost savings by using MailXstream because affordability is not offset due to job volume.
  • View Your Print-to-Mail Status Real Time, Online. MailXstream’s web interface provides the ability to view the status of your print jobs online from the moment you transmit them.
  • View the Documents You Sent Online. For quick reference, MailXstream’s web interface provides the ability to view each document online for 90 days.

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