MailXstream’s Online Print and Mail Process

How does MailXStream work? In short, MailXstream’s automated print and mail service uses document and component recognition techniques to prepare your communications for automatic production.  Using an order template designed exclusively for you, MailXstream validates, segments and optimizes your document for production in our state-of-the-art facility.  The end result is a streamlined online print-to-mail production process which eliminates the everyday hassle and costs associated with in-house printing, folding, stuffing and mailing processes.

The Setup Process

To get started with our outsourced print and mail service, supply a sample document for analysis.  We’ll review the document components and characteristics to determine whether it is suitable for MailXstream’s automated print-to-mail service. If it is, we’ll build an order template using production parameters that you define, such as paper and ink, simplex and/or duplex, type of envelope, and so on. If it does not meet our criteria, we’ll work with you to identify and enhance your document for MailXstream, allowing you to maintain complete control over the entire revision process. Finally, after an order template is created, simply submit an order and select your order template. MailXstream does the rest, preparing and processing your documents in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Order Template Flexibility

Our online print-to-mail order templates can be used over and over again, making MailXstream the preferred choice for companies that routinely mail the same document every month. Whether you have one document type or several hundred, we’ll assist you in creating order templates for each.

Your Choice of Submission Options

Whether you want the convenience of desktop-like printing or the ease of integration with your current platform, MailXstream’s outsourced print-to-mail operation simplifies and streamlines the process through a flexible range of options.

  • Print Driver Option. If you’re a Windows and Apple OS X user, this option lets you print to MailXstream just as you would with a local or desktop printer.  Run your accounting, word processing or other application as usual, and when you are ready to print, select the MailXstream printer and click. This transmits documents as PDFs to our production facility, where they are verified, printed, inserted and mailed without any additional action on your part.
  • Web Upload Option. If your documents are already in PDF form, or if you need to submit multiple individual PDFs, you can use our convenient Web Upload option. Simply login to the MailXstream site, create a new order, pick your order template, select your document file from your local desktop, and click submit.  As with the Print Driver option, your documents are quickly transmitted to our production facility where they are verified, printed, inserted and mailed without any additional action from you.
  • Simple Automation Option. If you anticipate routinely submitting multiple individual documents via the Web, consider MailXstream’s time-saving Automation option. MailXstream provides numerous software script-building tools to help your IT team create their own automated upload routines.
  • Customized Integration Option (for medium to large businesses). Our Web Services API (application program interface) allows your in-house programmer to integrate MailXstream functionality into your existing software enterprise.

How Your Final Documents Are Created

After your order has been submitted, it progresses through several steps to ensure quality, integrity, and accuracy.

Step 1: Initialization

  • Separates your input files into the individual documents, based on your order template parameters
  • Validates the PDF files for structure, fonts, and layout
  • Extracts and validates the delivery address, tracking ID and any other specified fields
  • Notifies you via email that either the order has been accepted or that an error has occurred

Step 2: Segmentation

  • Creates “mail pieces” for each of your documents that include the base document and any inserts you have specified
  • Segments mail pieces by paper size and type, envelope size and type and other similar characteristics to optimize production efficiency
  • Performs house holding and filtering, if needed

Step 3: Printing

  • Creates a production print stream for all mail pieces
  • Adds inserter automation controls and quality assurance controls to ensure accurate document printing and insertions
  • Transfer print-ready files to MailXstream’s production facility for high-speed printing.

Step 4: Inserting

  • Puts printed mail pieces into envelopes using high-speed automated equipment
  • Inserts reply envelopes, if specified for your order

Step 5: Mailing

  • Speeds delivery times by comingling your mail pieces and others, and presorting all pieces in a carrier-route delivery order before going to the USPS

Step 6: Real-Time Order Status and Tracking

  • See exactly where your order is in the process and when it was delivered to a USPS representative for distribution

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