MailXstream’s Single-Stream Processing option enables you to take advantage of the benefits of e-mail delivery of time-sensitive documents without any of the drawbacks, potentially saving you 60% or more of your current mailing costs*.

Just upload a single mailing file and MailXstream does the rest. We can either extract e-mail addresses from within your document or look them up based on a unique tracking ID from a database that you provide. We then separate the file into two batches: one for hard copies delivered via the USPS, and a second for e-mails delivered on your behalf, and process each batch accordingly.

After a configurable time frame built into your mailing template, recipients who have not yet viewed their digital documents are mailed a hard copy through the USPS.

Here’s how it works:

Email address validation, opt-out processing, and retrieval reporting are just a few of the features included in the Single-Stream Processing option.

*Cost savings vary based on percentage of documents with available e-mail addresses, document retrieval rates, and other factors.

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