Many small businesses work on tight margins. As a result, small business owners are always looking for ways to reduce their operating costs without sacrificing the quality of their offering or making the lives of their employees more difficult. Overhead can overtake small businesses in a hurry. Too many business owners impede their revenue growth doing everything just to save a few bucks. Strategic outsourcing solves this dilemma.

At MailXstream, we understand that there are a hundred and one tasks to be done in every small business enterprise. Some of these tasks are the core activities of the business, which usually are also the money-earning processes. And then many of these tasks are the peripheral activities that support the core processes. These tasks do not necessarily earn money, but are necessities to run a business. One of these peripheral tasks, printing and mailing invoices, collection letters and other revenue generating communications is often overlooked as an outsourcing opportunity.

That’s where MailXstream’s online print-to-mail services come in.

From Desktop to Delivery in One Day or Less

Using your existing business process, MailXstream eliminates the hassle and reduces the cost of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing patient correspondence in-house.

After following a simple set-up procedure, documents generated on your desktop can be uploaded in just minutes, and produced, stamped and delivered to the post office the next business day.

Your Documents, Your Way

MailXstream’s online print-to-mail service lets you process any size print job for routine or business-critical communications, using your existing format or layout. You’re in complete control of document composition because we accept your print files exactly as they are. With multiple options for document transmission, MailXstream makes automating your workflow simple and easy.

MailXstream’s compatibility extends to most PDF and postscript files generated on popular computing platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix.

Advantages of Outsourcing with MailXstream

Outsourcing offers many benefits, both to individual workers and businesses. MailXstream offers you an efficient way of printing and mailing your critical customer communications with these advantages:

  • Cost Effective. You get the job done without pulling staff from core activities to print and mail invoices, collection letters or other revenue related communications.
  • Focus on Competencies. A common option for small businesses is to delegate several tasks to one employee. Your billing manager might also function as customer service representative and secretary. This might save you on payroll, but your employee’s productivity is likely to decrease.
  • Expertise Value. By outsourcing with MailXstream, you are assured of getting the best services by relegating the task to people who are experts in that field.

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