VP of Operations, Communications Company

Our company acquired a new business and we needed to quickly take over their billing operations. The bill production was a manual operation. It occurred monthly and involved two days of merging detail and summary statements by hand for each of 2000 accounts, then folding, stuffing, posting, and mailing. It was a tedious task to say the least! The folks at MailXstream were terrific. I called them asking for help only a week before our next billing cycle, sent them some sample files, and they did the rest. This was not a “run-of-the-mill job”. It involved four separate print streams that needed to be merged together. Lastly, they had to add an in-line newsletter to every package. It was a testament to the flexibility and quickness of the MailXstream system and customer service. On billing day, we uploaded the files and watched the process happen. Our bills were automatically merged, sorted, batched, printed, intelligently machine inserted, and mailed. It was a relief to our staff to eliminate the in-house manual effort.

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