Wanted to let you know I sent myself a "test" mailer. Got it this morning. It is freakin' awesome. Thank you so much for designing such a cool system!!!

"MailXstream has reduced the time it takes for us to handle mailings from hours to seconds and the MailXstream Team guided us through the entire process to ensure our system was compatible from day one. Highly Recommended!"

"Our company acquired a new business and we needed to quickly take over their billing operations. The bill production was a manual operation. It occurred monthly and involved two days of merging detail and summary statements by hand for each of 2000 accounts, then folding, stuffing, posting, and mailing. It was a tedious task to say the least! The folks at MailXstream were terrific. I called them asking for help only a week before our next billing cycle, sent them some sample files, and they did the rest. This was not a “run-of-the-mill job”. It involved four separate print streams that needed to be merged together. Lastly, they had to add an in-line newsletter to every package. It was a testament to the flexibility and quickness of the MailXstream system and customer service. On billing day, we uploaded the files and watched the process happen. Our bills were automatically merged, sorted, batched, printed, intelligently machine inserted, and mailed. It was a relief to our staff to eliminate the in-house manual effort."

"For clients who generate their variable length print-to-mail in the form of postscript or PDF, MailXstream gives us a means of offering a quick solution and a short setup. Custom project development and programming processes that we normally use are overkill for such projects, and we're glad to have this alternative available. It's quick and simple for all involved, yet meets all of our own production quality standards for speed, project management communication, production interfaces and even provides integrated customer status notifications. MailXstream operates as our IT arm for these projects and handles all aspects of mail-stream processing and preparation, and then bi-passes our own systems and securely routes production-ready mail-streams to our print and mail facility."

"We use a billing platform that is integrated with Crystal Reports for the generation of all customer billing. We provide many clients with electronic billing services, but there are still some who wish to receive their bills in paper form. MailXstream accepts the same format bills that we publish to our e-billing server and then preps and processes them for print-to-mail. It's simple and effective."

"We have been stuffing envelopes with invoices daily for 15 years. We only do 200 documents per day, but we'd much rather have the person who does this spend her time on something that will add value for our company. Now with MailXstream, we simply use our report writer to create our invoices and upload them to our page. It takes two minutes instead of 45, and saves in many other ways as well (printing, stocking supplies, toners, printer repairs, postage, postage meter rental)."

"MailXstream simplified our monthly invoicing process. The setup process was flawless and we're absolutely happy with the service."

"We decided we didn't want to mail invoices ourselves any longer. MailXstream was a trusted partner of our software provider, so we contacted them. It was easy to get the process started and using MailXstream is easy and fast. I've recommended MailXstream to several other companies and will continue to do so. Thank You MailXstream!"

"We needed a different approach, as the time spent printing and stuffing envelopes was inefficient. MailXstream's low cost and ease of use made outsourcing a no brainier. We installed and use MailXstream on multiple PC's. The installation was easy and using MailXstream has saved us money and time."

"We use MailXstream for our invoices. The process is easy to use, and the next day turnaround get's them in the mail faster than we did."