MailXstream vs. Direct
Printing Services Outsourcing

Print it the Way You Like It.

In many cases, outsourcing to printing companies requires that you submit your data to the printer, which he, in turn, prints into a pre-defined format. MailXstream uses your format and layout so that customers see what you want them to. Using your format also eliminates the possibility for errors.

Make Text and Graphical Changes without Hassle.

The trial and error process with the printing facility uses valuable time and resources, especially if you decide to make changes to document text and graphics between printing cycles. MailXstream services are unaffected by such changes. No additional coordination or test runs are required.

Save Time and Money.

Implementing the use of MailXstream in your business requires very little time for coordination and setup, and is generally cheaper than using an outsourced printing solution. Small business in particular experience cost savings by using MailXstream because affordability is not offset because of job volume.

View Your Print-to-Mail Status Real Time, Online.

MailXstream’s web interface provides the ability to view the
status of your print jobs online from the moment you transmit them.

View the Documents You Sent Online.

MailXstream’s web interface provides tha ability to view each document generated at the print facility online, for
quick reference. Eliminate paper copies and go green