A single one-page document, including postage, starts at just $0.693.  With volume discounts the more pieces you mail, the cheaper it gets. MailXstream not only saves you time and valuable resources, but also real money, an estimated $0.125 per piece based upon client feedback.  In addition, with MailXstream there are no minimums, no long term commitment, and getting started is easy.

MailXstream is designed to take on some of the tedious but necessary day-to-day tasks of print-to-mail production.  Our streamlined solution is perfect for the companies who:

  • Pull employees from their daily responsibilities to stuff envelopes;
  • Are experiencing growth and no longer have the resources to support print-to-mail production; or,
  • Who are considering outsourcing.

MailXstream allows you to focus on your core competencies by printing, folding, inserting, metering and delivering your mail to the USPS, all while saving you money.  If you print and mail any of the following, chances are we can do it for you at a lower cost:

  • Statements
  • Collection Notices
  • Invoices
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Regulatory Notifications
  • Letters

MailXstream offers the most reliable and efficient online print-to-mail service offered today. This is our core competency.

Consider these features and benefits:

  • A Turnkey Solution. MailXstream’s process is designed to handle virtually any type of document with limited changes on your part.  Whether it’s a single page statement or a multiple page communication, MailXstream can have you up and running in less than a day.
  • Print and Mail On-demand. MailXstream is available 24/7 allowing you to print and mail your communications when you need them.
  • Next Day Turnaround. MailXstream’s process is designed to provide you with next business day delivery to the USPS for all your critical communications.  Whether it’s a single page document mailed in a #10 envelope or a multiple page document mailed in a 9×12″ flat envelope, MailXstream stands behind our next day delivery policy.
  • Online Tracking. MailXstream’s internet based technology provides you with live production and reporting metrics 24/7.  Top-line and/or individual piece metrics are standard MailXstream offerings.
  • Value. MailXstream’s higher volumes and economies of scale means greater savings for you.
  • Outstanding Service. MailXstream’s #1 objective is your satisfaction!  MailXstream’s use of technology enables us to provide comprehensive quality assurance programs and unparalleled service, all of which contribute to building long term relationships.
  • Take the Worry out of Your In-house Production. MailXstream manages the inventory and the entire production process, so you don’t have to.
  • Greater Flexibility. MailXstream provides optional features to give you flexibility with your production and contents of your package.  Take advantage of MailXstream’s house-holding (multiple pieces going to the same address) feature or MailXstream’s insert feature to include a newsletter or marketing sheet, or MailXstream’s document suppression feature to suppress a document from.
  • Reporting, Tracking and an Archive at Your Fingertips. MailXstream.com provides you 24/7 access to detailed reporting, order activity and a 90-day archive of the documents you’ve mailed.