Get Started with Our Print and Mail Service

Setting up MailXstream’s print and mail service is extremely simple and can be accomplished remotely with no on-site assistance. More importantly, getting an account set-up and order template ready for production can be accomplished in four easy steps. The entire process, from introduction to production ready, can usually be done in one business day. As a top-tier mail and print outsourcing company, our goal is to seamlessly integrate our process into your business’ workflow.

1. Quick Introductory Call.  To get the ball rolling, just complete a contact request form or call MailXstream at 1-877-365-MAIL (6245) to speak with one our customer service representatives.

2. Review. We’ll discuss your needs, answer any of your questions, and provide details on the process of MailXstream’s print and mail service. We’ll then set to work addressing your needs and provide you with preliminary pricing information. If you’re interested, we’ll request a sample file and proceed to the next step.

2. Sample Analysis.  Once we have a sampling of your documents, we’ll perform an analysis to determine compatibility with the MailXstream system. (Note: compatibility is rarely an issue.)   From there, we’ll follow-up with you to confirm acceptability and collect information on your order template specifications for your on-going requirements. An order template captures all the details and specifications required to print and mail your documents, including paper type/size, simplex or duplex printing needs, color requirements, outgoing envelope type, and whether or not your mailing should include a reply envelope and cover page.  We will also provide a per-piece price and an initial deposit amount.

4. Service Agreement.  Next, we’ll forward you or your designated company representative an initial Master Service Agreement for approval and execution (signature). The Master Service Agreement defines the overall contract terms and conditions for using MailXstream.  We’ll walk you through the agreement should you have any questions or concerns.   Once we receive an executed agreement and initial deposit, we’ll complete the setup process, upload your order template and provide you with all the necessary information to begin using MailXstream.

It’s that Simple! Contact MailXstream, a trusted, experienced print and mail outsourcing company, to get started!