Billing Company Outsources Print-to-Mail to Support Remote Workforce

The Client: Medical Billing Provider

The Company, a full service medical management provider, offers comprehensive and innovative medical billing services through a team of certified medical management personnel. The Company has experienced significant growth over the past several years due to providing performance-driven achievements that result in fewer accounts receivable and unresolved medical billing insurance claims. In late 2016, to transition to a family-oriented environment, the company made a strategic decision to develop a remote work-from-home setting.

The Challenge: Supporting the Mailing Needs of a Remote Workforce

To support the new initiative, The Company recognized the importance of a long-term solution to satisfy a key component of their service offering: the fulfillment of time-sensitive printed communications. Three plans were considered: (1) establish a centralized office to exclusively perform print and mail; (2) have each remote-biller print and mail their respective documents; and, (3) consider outsourcing. All three options were evaluated and explored. MailXstream was one of the firms evaluated.

The Solution: Master Account with Individual User IDs

MailXstream offered a unique approach. Through establishing individual User IDs for each of the remote billers, MailXstream was able to support all users under a single account. With MailXstream access, each biller could then upload PDF documents for print-to-mail, while allowing The Company to monitor and manage the overall process. Initial testing involved a single user becoming the onsite MailXstream expert and Company trainer. The complete rollout to all 15 remote billers was accomplished in less than two months.

The Benefits: Reduced Costs, Faster Delivery, Greater Employee Satisfaction

MailXstream had an almost immediate impact on expenses, mail speed, and team morale. The morale of the remote billers was raised due to the elimination of the tedious task of print and mailing documents. Print- and mail-related expenses declined as a result of economies of scale, and the process contributed to improved delivery and timely response. According to the owner of the Company,

 “In our search efforts, we were unable to find a solution that met our needs until we contacted MailXstream. With their approach and ease of implementation, we were able to move from a very time-consuming process to a streamlined workflow in a matter of weeks.”

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