General Outsourcing Questions

How many companies outsource mail production?

You’re in good company. The trend started in the early 90’s with the largest companies outsourcing to print service providers. Outsourcing has been growing ever since with thousands of companies outsourcing custom print and mail projects each year. Now MailXstream makes it much easier and eliminates the typical barriers of small volumes and prohibitive setup costs and special programming. It makes print-to-mail outsourcing feasible for any business.

How big do we need to be to benefit from outsourcing our print-to-mail?

Outsourcing print-to-mail (your postal mail printing, inserting and mailing) is feasible for any size business, not only for big business with large volumes. MailXstream’s online print-to-mail service is geared to the needs of businesses with volumes in the range of 200 to 100,000 documents. Businesses of all size, from small business to fortune 100 companies, benefit from outsourcing with MailXstream. It provides a quick and simple way to eliminate time-consuming in-house print-to-mail activities.

MailXstream Service Questions

How do I get a test file to you?

Call us at 1-877-365-6245. We’ll provide you with a log in and password to securely upload a sample file to us.

What if I have any questions in the future?

Whether you are a prospective MailXstream user or existing client, you can always reach us through our main number at 1-877-365-MAIL.

How do I know when my documents are mailed?

The MailXstream website provides you with status information confirming the time and date of mailing.

Who provides the paper and envelopes?

MailXstream provides all materials. You’ll only pay for materials used – not waste or left-over.

Can I insert a stuffer like a newsletter?

YES! This is a terrific option available to MailXstream users and we make it easy to do. Create your newsletter or stuffer as an 8½ x 11 page(s), save it as a PDF file and upload it to MailXstream. MailXstream will the merge the stuffer into each document. It’s simple. You’ll no longer have to worry about the logistics of package compatibility, pre-printing, shipping, storage, etc. Contact us an we’ll show you how it works.

Is there a minimum and maximum quantity?

We handle as few as 150 documents per day and single projects with as many as 650,000 pages.

Which browsers are compatible with MailXstream?

Our service is validated with IE 6.0+ and Firefox 1.5+. Other browsers may also be compatible.

Do I need any software from MailXstream?

No, just a web browser.

How do I sign up?

Call us at 1-877-365-6245 (MAIL) or use our contact us form.

Are prices discounted for larger quantities?

Yes. Please speak with Sales about your estimated average run volumes and monthly totals.

How long does it take to process and get my documents in the mail?

MailXstream provides a next business day in-the-mail service for all print stream uploads occurring prior to 9 PM EST/6 PM PST.  All turnaround commitments are on a best efforts basis. Special exceptions due to volume or special handling may apply.

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MailXstream Document Compatibility Questions

Can you do color?

Digital color is optional. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

What kind of documents is MailXstream designed for?

MailXstream is designed to process, print, and mail digitally printed variable data documents. These are documents that serve to inform, invoice, update, notify, or alert Clients about their accounts.

Can I add a signature and logos in documents?

Yes, you can include digital images in your documents.

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MailXstream General Questions

Can I get a Demo?

Yes, just give us a call at 1-877-365-MAIL (6245) or use the contact us form to schedule a web demo.

Why MailXstream?

MailXstream was built from a deep understanding of customer needs and print-to-mail processes. The result is a simplified, low-risk, online print-to-mail service that makes outsourcing viable for thousands of businesses that otherwise would not consider it. Give us a call and see.

Is my information protected?

Both your print streams and your MailXstream browser sessions are protected with SSL and other methods. Please also see our privacy policy.

Are my documents secured?

Yes. Your documents are completely protected with security measures, encryptions, and quality procedures that are geared to accommodate business-critical data print streams.

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